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About Ladiee Locs

Ladiee Locs is handmade, naturally gentle hair and body care. Our products are for all hair types, but we specialize in locs. Our products have been voluntarily tested with adults and children. We strive to provide all naturally derived ingredients for all products, safe for all hair types. EACH product is handmade to order, so if a custom size or order is required, please contact us for details and specifications. All products are petroleum, alcohol, paraben and silicone FREE! Ladiee Locs is for lovers of locs and natural hair; and for stylists of locs and naturals who desire high quality natural products that are handmade with care.

  • Ladiee Locs™ is a brand devoted to promoting self-love and positive self-esteem by creating all natural hair and skin care products to enhance beauty and encourage health & wellness.

    We believe looking, feeling, and being the best, begins with you! When you look good, you feel good from the inside out. The best version of you deserves healthy hair and glowing skin. We are personally committed to the growth and maintenance of healthy hair and glowing skin because you deserve nature's the best!

  • In the fall of 2013, Alisha Ruffin (Lisha Ladiee) woke up one morning to her worst nightmare!!! A quarter-sized bald spot in the front of her scalp staring at her in the mirror. It was diagnosed as “traction alopecia” and the dermatologist had no suggestions on how to prevent this condition from arising again. After waking up to drastic hair loss, after 5 years of growing locs, THIS was the final straw.

    After trying countless “for hair stimulation and growth” advertised products, with ingredients she could NOT pronounce and had no idea how they would actually help; she begin researching all natural and healthy methods of hair stimulations and growth.

    Out of this research she developed her love for healthy living and hair maintenance. She began to formulate her own solutions based on ingredients she used in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Crafting her own handmade skin care, hair care, and even household cleaners became a true passion! This love for hand crafting each product developed from watching as her hair and skin started GROWING & GLOWING!

  • We use what nature’s provided to us to create 100% handmade cosmetics for hair care and skin care which promote healthy self care and overall wellbeing

    We take away the “guessing games” by providing a simplified list of nature’s goodies in each of our products

    Each product is filled with natural and naturally derived ingredients to bring out the BEST growing hair and glowing skin possible

    We strive to ensure satisfaction with EVERY step of engagement with Ladiee Locs via social media, blogging, web browsing, events, shopping, shipping, and delivery!! We LOVE hearing from YOU!!! Connect with Ladiee Locs!


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